Swiss Loppet & World Loppet

The Engadin Skimarathon is member and stage of the Worldloppet, Swiss Loppet and Russialoppet race series.

Swiss Loppet

One of ten diversified Swiss Loppet races takes place each weekend from the beginning of January until March. Fun and performance are equally important in these races. The first 10 classified per category and the first 20 of the overal category are invited to attend the award ceremony at the conference of the Swiss-Ski delegates. Each participant receives a valuable gift.

Swiss-Ski membership is required for participation at the Swiss Loppet. The P-Nr. (membership number of the Swiss-Ski passport) must be indicated at the time of race registration for the participant be included in the Swiss Loppet ranking list. Results will not be taken into consideration with retrospective effect.

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Worldloppet members

Europe:  Jizerská Padesátka (CZE), Dolomitenlauf (AUT), Marcialonga (ITA), König Ludwig Lauf (GER),  Tartu Maraton (EST), La Transjurassienne (FRA), Finlandia-hiihto (FIN),  Vasaloppet (SWE),  Bieg Piastow (POL), Engadin Skimarathon (SUI), Birkebeinerrennet (NOR), Demino Skimarathon (RUS), Fossavatn Ski Marathon (ISL)
America:   American Birkebeiner (USA),  Gatineau Loppet (CAN) , Ushuaialoppet / Marchablanca (ARG)
Asia: Sapporo International Ski Marathon (JPN), Vasaloppet China (CHN)
Australia: Kangaroo Hoppet (AUS), Merino Muster (NZL)

Worldloppet General Secretary

Since 2016 the estonian Race "Tartu Marathon" is responsible for Worldloppet's administration and for the organization of its headquarter. It is situated in Tartu, Estonia.

Worldloppet Passports

Completing of a Worldloppet (WL) race is a remarkable achievement and worth recording! Worldloppet Passport (WL Passport) is a personal document, in which every completed WL race should be registered. The official WL Passport contains a special page for each event in the Worldloppet series. After completing a WL race, the skier should ask for the official stamp of theevent at the respective race office. A stamp in the WL Passport is the evidence of the completed race. Collecting of WL stamps is an additional motivation to practice cross-country skiing and to travel to many different countries, meeting likewise minded people and experiencing different cultures. By the standing of summer 2014, more than 14 000 WL Passports have been issued to people from all around the world.

How to buy a Worldloppet Passport?

The WL Passports are available in every WL race office in the 20 member countries and at the WL General Secretary in Italy. WL Passports can also be ordered via internet

If you would like to order a Worldloppet Passport at our office please send CHF 35.- / EUR 35.- with your passport picture, name, address and date of birth to the following address:

Engadin Skimarathon | Quadratscha 18 | Postfach | CH-7503 Samedan

Everyone can become a Worldloppet Master!

After completing 10 different WL races with at least one of them outside of Europe (situated overseas), the skier will be recognised as a Worldloppet Master (WL Master) - as WL Gold Master, if completed 10 WL main races, and WL Silver Master if completed 10 WL short races (possible to combine with main races).
In order to apply for the title of a WL Master, the WL Passport should be mailed to the WL General Secretariat. The validity of all stamps will be checked there, based on the result lists of each applicable race. A WL Master diploma and a gold/silver-plated pin will be mailed to the new WL Master and his/her name will be published on the Worldloppet web page and in the Worldloppet online magazine.
In addition, each WL Master has the opportunity to order a personal WL gold/silver-plated medal. This can be done by sending the order form together with EUR 40 to the WL General Secretariat. To this day (summer 2014) over 4000 WL Masters were recognised.

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